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Department of reclamation

1. Information of department and staff
Department of reclamation set up in 2013 on the base of subdivisions: department of irigation and drainaige; rain mechanization, laboratories of ecological and technical-economical and math researches, method and patent sectors of saline lands and scientific.
During existance of subdivisions (from which set up this department) obtained importants achieve, as in scientific-research, also in obtaion of recieved results.
Department of hydroreclamation and ecological safety by use of exist scientific potention, laboratory and field base, modern device and computer technique implement scientific-research works about reclamation, environment protection and ecological problems.
Currently main scientific direction of department are:
1. Establishment of main criteria of ecological safety irrigation for irrigation object in Georgia and work out new irrigation technique oriented on them, among them for private and farms;
2. Work out special construction irrigation technique for strategic plants (tea, vineyard, orchards and vegitable). Establish of its optimal charachteristic and irrigation technological aspects.
3. To search of possibility of surface irrigation quality arise. To establish of irrigation quality demerninable criteria, management of irrigation and optimization, to treat of modern technology.
4. The ecological evaluation of Georgia main irrigation soil, treatment of improvment measures for saline-reclamation soils taking into account exist condition quantity and quality indicators.
5. Evaluation of forces impact on the soil-ground surface in condition of water stream dynamic influence and research of surface stability by mathematical method.
6. To work out measures of drainage and digestion of Colchis lawland heavy clay soils by keep ecological stability, treatment and make work-equipment for make drain network for Colchis lawland.
7. To research of technology and mechanism irrigation cannal withdrawand anti erosion measures.

1. Vladimer Shurgaia - Head of department, Phd;
2. Revaz Kiladze -Senior scientific worker; Phd;
3. Vakhtang Samkharadze -; Senior scientific worker; Phd
4. Temur Gvelesiani - Senior scientific worker; doctor of tecnical sciences;
5. Zurab Lobjanidze - Senior scientific worker; Phd;
6. Liana Phurtseladze - Senior scientific worker; Phd;
7. Ivane Zaqaidze - Senior scientific worker; Phd;
8. Khatuna Kiknadze -Scientific worker;
9. Lena Kekelishvili - Scientific worker;
10. Lia Maisaia - Engineer.