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On 10 November, 2009, the meeting dedicated to the Day of Scientists was held in the Academic Hall of Georgian National Academy of Sciences. The awarding of the best Scientific Organization of 2008 with diplomas was carried out in accordance with the decisions of the 31st session of UNESCO’s General Conference. The Institute of Water Management was awarded with the Diploma of the Best Scientific Organization of Agricultural Sector 2008



On 10 November 2010 a solemn meeting devoted to the International Day of Science  was held at the  Georgian National Academy of Sciences, at which the Institute of Water Management was awarded the Diploma of the Best scientific-research Institution of the country for 2009 in the field of agricultural sciences


On 1 October 2010 Academician Tsotne Mirtskhoulava and the Institute of Water Management were awarded the Gold Medal of the USA Biography Institute




On September 23-28, 2012 in town Czestochova (Poland) in University of Technology was held IV International Conference on the theme: Future problems of architects and construction”. On September 25, 2012 professor Givi Gavardashvili awarded by diploma of Czestochova University of Technology and silver medal for his contribution to the Georgian and Poland Sciences development




  • On 19th of July 2013, by the decree No21/06/01 of the President of Georgia as of 21st of June 2013, the institute’s director and tech. D. Sc. Prof. Givi Gavardashvili was awarded a Medal of Honor









  •   On the 30th of December in 2013, the professor of Geography Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Secretary of the International Association of Debris flows Sergey Chernomorets visited the Institute. The doctors of Geographical Sciences from Georgia Prof. Emil Tsereteli, Prof. Igor Bondarev and tech. Ac. D. Giorgi Kherkheulidze were specially invited on the scientific council.

Doctor of Geographical sciences, Prof. Igor Bondarev, Tech. Ac. D. Giorgi Kherkheulidze and Director of the Institute Prof. Givi Gavardashvili were awarded with the medal of 2013 of Interna­tional Association, which was devoted to the 100 year anniversary of mudflows researcher and honored scientist of Lomonosov University Prof. Simon Fleishman. The award ceremony was conducted by the official decree of the president of International Association of Mudflows, Prof. K. Nosov


From 24 May 2014 to 3 June  director of Water Management Institute of Georgian Technical University, doctor of technical sciences, full professor of department of civil  engineering Givi Gavardashvili was invited by official visit in central China Normal University in order to prepare international grants, lectures and presentations.  The invitation was made full funding of Chinese  University, according to memorandums signed by two scientific-studying organizations in Tbilisi 2007, 11 August.

After finish presentations cycles at 30 May 2014 taken place scientific council meeting of Chinese Normal University, where Givi Gavardashvili awarded as honorary professor of for his contribution in Chinese and Georgian science.