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The International Conference held by Institute

Since foundation (since 1929) institute is initiator of holding many union, scientific-technical, regional and international conferences, congresses and seminars, and under the auspices of the United Nations held International Symposia in the Institute three times:
• In 1969 – Floods against Measurements;
• In 1995 – Human and Sea;
• In 2009 – Floods and Modern methods against of them.
The Commission, having regard to the experience and international reputation of the Institute, on May 30, 2008, signed contract between the Institute and the UNESCO about conduct international symposia – “Floods and Modern methods against of them” (Tbilisi, 23-28 September, 2009), which dedicated to 80th anniversary of Institute. Scientists more than 22 countries of World agree to participate at this event – England, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, USA, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belarus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Iran and others. At the end of symposia it was rated a high scientific level by UNESCO, which is confirmed by an official letter sent from Paris.
Since 2010 by initiative of the Institute, which was supported by Architecture and Construction State University of Armenia and Baku State University, every year, traditionally held international conference “the modern problems of Water Management, environmental protection, architecture and construction”, the participants are not only from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, also scientists-specialist from various country of World. Publish scientific collected papers, scientific council works out scientific recommendations after finish conference about problems of noted fields and ways of their solve and send to governmental and non-governmental Institutes of participant countries for appropriate measures. In September 2014 scheduled to held IV international conference, which will be dedicated to 85th anniversary of Water Management Institute of Georgian Technical University. We hope that, the international conference “ The modern problems of Water Management, environmental protection, architecture and construction” promote maintenance of our country environment protection and security stability and realization of International strategy for disaster risk reduction (ISDR - 2005 - 2015), also consider modern problems and achieves of construction and architecture, close cooperation between scientists and researcher-specialist from World, change the information and solving actual problems in World by use modern scientific achievement.

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